The LifeLine Technique is both an ancient and advanced complete system of transformation and wholeness.

It’s a philosophy, science, and quantum technology that bridges gaps between the conscious and subconscious mind. At the root of every symptom, stress and disease is a subconscious emotional pattern of reaction. When activated this pattern of reaction will cause both behavioral and biological stressors.

The cornerstone of the LifeLine Technique is our view of symptoms, stress and disease. Rather than something being wrong with a person; symptoms, stress and disease are the language your body and life use to awaken you to your authentic power of transformation and create change.

The journey of your spirit is to reconnect with the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude. The LifeLine TechniqueTM is a fusion of science and spirit that harnesses the Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude to transform the body and all relationships in life! Infinite defines the essence of the song that has no beginning or ending.

Faith acknowledges that there must be more in life regardless of circumstances occurring in a particular moment. Love is the universal power that propels life, fueling your will and enabling you to face and overcome challenges. Gratitude empowers you to go through life without judgment. You see the value of any experience (even situations once perceived as “bad”) as an opportunity, rather than being a victim of circumstance.

A Japanese doctor of alternative medicine and visionary researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, experimented with water and found that human vibrational energy (thoughts, words, ideas, and music) dramatically affects the molecular structure of water. Water is the very source of all life on this planet. It's quality and integrity is the vital to all forms of life. In fact, our human bodies are made up of 75 - 90% water.

So just imagine how sensitive our bodies are to our emotions, our thoughts, the music we listen to, and the food that we eat.

The LifeLine Technique enables a person to activate their subconscious mind and thus have a direct impact on genetic expressions affecting the health of your body and the relationships in your life. We focus on the Five Basics for Optimal Health-the quantity, quality, frequency of water, food, rest, exercise and owning your power.

The LifeLine Technique

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Esther L. Klein, LCSW
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